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Eze – The Unique Village of Beauty

02 Nov 2011

Eze French Riviera

Somewhere, between the mysterious clouds and the enigmatic Mediterranean Sea, lays the small village Eze. If you would ever want to witness splendor in its essence, do visit Eze village.  You’re sight will be astonished.

Be Mesmerized by Eze

Eze has the power to amaze and to take you closer to immortality. These are not just words on a blank page. This is the definition of Eze’s beauty.

This village has a beauty untamed by time, space or fashion. It’s a place where you can get only if you’re heart is searching for a muse or maybe for authentic shivers.

Eze and Cap Ferrat

The Hidden Way to Eze

Situated between Nice and Monaco, Eze will not reveal its stories easily. Once you’re in the Eze train station, wait for the bus 83 to take you in the village. You can also get to Eze by buses 82 or 100 from Nice.

Of course, it’s much easier if you rent a car. The road from Nice, no matter the Corniche you choose, is breathtaking and really easy to follow.

The trip from Eze seaside to Eze village will be like a preview of all splendors which awaits you once you reach the village. Is like a stairway to heaven only. In this case, heaven is closer than you think and the stairway is a Corniche.

Eze Village

Find the Treasures of Eze

You’re there now. Climb the cobblestone road till the heart of the medieval town Eze. You will pass through a double fortified gateway called Poterne. This gate dates back to 14th century. It is the only way to be followed if you want to discover the medieval essence of Eze.

After wandering the maze of those tiny and picturesque streets, you will discover the 18th century church. This church guards the whole village from its height. You will have the chance to admire the church’s wonderful baroque and classical interior.  But you will also be able to see the village and its surroundings from above.

Here you will also find White Penitent’s Chapel. During 14th century, the members of white penitents’ brotherhood would meet here and help the lepers and poor.

After strolling the poetic cobblestone streets and visiting all those artistic shops which are placed strategic in your way, you will reach Le Jardin Exotique. Hidden between trees and leafs, like a treasure which will reveal only for the most worthy tourists, this garden is an enchanting place. It’s magical not only because of its exotic plants, but because of those dazzling panoramic views which you will offer you.

Le Jardin Exotique was built on the ruins of a 14th century castle, at 1407 feet above sea level. Embrace the beauty you will discover like a gift. Here nature allows you to find a few of its secrets. On one side you will see The Mediterranean Sea like you’ve never seen it before. It’s like a deep blue splendor which glitters happy in the rays of Cote d’Azur sun. This spot allows you to see far away, all the way to St. Tropez.

On the other side you will see the village and the beautiful winding Moyene and Grand Corniches. Everyone seems so insignificant in this empire of beauty and greatness.

If you would like to have your meal while surrounded by all this medieval charm I recommend you Le Nid d’Aigle. This restaurant will serve you some delicious breakfast or pizza. My favorite one is Pizza Tommata Olive. It will cost you only 11 euro. Bon appétit!

A Fairytale Castel – Chateau Eza

You can also stop for stupendous views and delicious French and Mediterranean dishes at Chateau Eza. For lunch Chateau Eza will offer you a 3 course menu – Menu du Chateau. If you feel a bit hungrier, a 4 course menu, Menu du Prince, is ideal. This place is not only a decorated Michelin restaurant, but it deserves at least ten stars for the incredible views.

If you think that one lunch or dinner isn’t enough for capturing the beauty of this location, then you will be happy to discover that Chateau Eza is also a hotel. Reserve a room at Chateau Eza for a price starting from 270 euro/night/double room and enjoy an inside view as beautiful as the one which lays outside your window. The Louis XIII furniture will make you feel like a royalty which has it as main privilege a view over the world. For a bohemian staying, do book a room at Chateau Eza. It’s one of the best deals you can make.

Town of Eze

Amazing Views from the Windows of Eze

Speaking of best deals, I would recommend you to search and book your hotel prior to your arrival here. The village is pretty tiny and the visitors are from all over the world.

Another beautiful accommodation in Eze is definitely Chateau de la Chevre d’Or. This five stars hotel offers you elegant rooms. It also gives you the opportunity to relax in a heated pool or in a jacuzzi, without missing the beautiful views of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Bay. A standard double room will cost you about 238 euro/night but the comfort and relaxation you will receive are priceless. The guests of this hotel, and not only them, can choose having their meals at one of the four restaurants here. You can have a two stars Michelin dinner at le Chevre d’Or Gourmet restaurant or a delicious French lunch at Les Remparts Mediterranean terrace restaurant…or the other way around.

Another choice will be Le Cafe du Jardin. Eden restaurant is also recommended. Here you can taste some Asian dishes. For a smooth cocktail or a glass of fine champagne you can go to Bar du Chateau.

One of the accessible hotels in Eze is the Hermitage. Hermitage Hotel is the perfect base for discovering the medieval tales of this village. It is also the best hotel for a vintage but cheap accommodation.  A double room here will cost you about 90 euro/night.

Hotel Les Terrasses d’Eze will keep the same pace as the ones before when it comes to amazing views. To all this beauty it will add a pool and a terrace which will give you the feeling of being on top of the world or, at least, of the Cote d’Azur. The rooms are decorated with style and discreet elegance. Each of them is equipped with modern amenities. La pièce de résistance is the fact that each room has its own terrace from where can admire the scenery. A room here will cost you around 65 euro/night.

Eze Village

Fragonard – The Fascination for Fragrances

After coming down from medieval heights, Eze village has more wonderful surprises for you. You can visit two perfumeries factories which find their perfect home in Eze.  You can visit Galimard Perfumery or Fragonard Perfumery with the help of a guide.

At Fragonard Perfumery, the guide will explain you all about flowers, fragrances and the way flowers become fragrances. The process of making perfumes is incredible. You will discover how many tones of flower petals are used for your favorite fragrance. You will have the chance to buy wonderful Fragonard products. You must not miss this unique experience, offered to you, with compliments, by Fragonard Perfume Factory. You’re sense will be delighted.

Eze – Vintage Beauty

A trip to Eze will be not only a beautiful vacation but also a journey of beauty. It’s impossible to describe the freshness of Eze air or the sweetness of Eze fragrances. There are no words for capturing the breathtaking scenery which your eyes will have the privilege to admire. Walking on the medieval streets of Eze will feel like turning leafs of history…slowly, one leaf after another, while being intrigue of what will come next.

Visit Eze for discovering that perfection of colors and fragrances is not only an ideal. It’s a reality.
Eze VillageBuilding in EzeMorning in Eze

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3 Responses to Eze – The Unique Village of Beauty

  1. Laura says:

    Eze is like a corner of heaven…it takes your breath away just like a beautiful painting.

  2. Alex says:

    Laura, you’re perfectly right, besides being like a corner of heaven it also brings you a step closer to perfection when it comes to landscapes and getaways. Perfect location to get away from routine and spend a nice and quiet summer vacation!

  3. Lilli says:

    Great city for a getaway.

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